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Faith Farm is a private facility and that affords us the pleasure of giving each horse individual time and attention.  Horses in training are allowed to progress at their own rate without the stresses of a large noisy barn and full, busy arenas.  Every horse at Faith Farm has time dedicated to them each day.  Stalls are cleaned daily, horses are fed twice a day, and all horses are turned out during the day.  
We offer training for all levels of horses ranging from green to finished and for all English disciplines (specializing in dressage and beginning jumping).  We also offer training packages for vaulting horses.  We perform an assessment of your horse the first week while in training, taking into account temperament, work-ethic and conformation.  We then discuss your horse’s potential and create goals with you.  Our aim is to provide each horse and rider with tools to allow them to work in harmony.

Horses are worked 5-6 days per week. Work varies depending upon the horse, ranging from ground work to lunging to work under saddle. Riders with horses in training are encouraged to attend weekly lessons on their horse.  

Since our facility is small and uniquely tailored to each individual we only offer training to a limited number of horses.  Please note that horses in training are also subject to boarding fees.  Training spaces fill up fast so please contact us for availability and pricing.  

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