Katy Venters

Katy and Cim.jpg

Katy started riding when she was 11 years old and has been riding ever since. Following high school she trained extensively with Yossi, Noel, and Eric Martonovich studying classical dressage and vaulting in Colorado. Katy excels at training horses, riders, and vaulters gently and effectively. She has a strong background in dressage, vaulting, hunters, jumpers, and recreational riding. Katy has trained many horses for riding as well as successful vaulting horses. Along with her

horse knowledge, Katy has a degree in Educational Ministries from Seattle Pacific University. She is married and enjoys raising her 4 children on the farm. 

Jody Campbell

Jody and Lolo.jpg

Jody Campbell is a fun loving horse enthusiast! She has ridden horses since she was nine years old. Competing successfully in jumping, eventing, dressage and equestrian vaulting. Jody's love for animals and learning led her to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and she specializes in chiropractic care. She also studied and became one of the few Equestrian Vaulting judges in the United States. She co coaches the Redwing Vaulters at Faith Farm.

Gracie and Ruby Venters

Me and my girls on the first day of Hors

Gracie and Ruby Venters have lived their whole lives on the farm! They are experts when it comes to the animals that live at Faith Farm and work hard everyday to help care for them. Gracie and Ruby are skilled riders and vaulters and love to share the farm life with students and friends that visit.